About Gimbl

about Gimbl

Hi and welcome to Gimbl. Before I get started about the what, whys and hows of Gimbl, I would like to tell you a little about myself and how this all started. My name is Alex Pereira and I am the CEO and co-founder of Gimbl. I am also the proud father of two young boys.

After installing the leading video 'tube' on my children's devices I noticed that while it contained video that was appropriate and enjoyable for my kids, it also contained content that was not appropriate for my kids or any children for that matter. The problem was that my kids really liked watching videos on phones and tablets as apposed to television but I could not allow my children to use a 'tube' app that contained inappropriate content. I needed a solution to this, and that is why I created Gimbl.

Gimbl is a free video tube built exclusively for kids. Gimbl has thousands of exclusive videos and channels that your child will love to watch, with hundreds of new kid-friendly videos uploaded every single day.

Your child will enjoy our original programming be it our animated Mac and the Monsters series, our exciting Explora series where we visit top zoos and museums, or our Raffy the Giraffe series which educates while it entertains your child.

Gimbl also contains a host of original, exclusive learning videos such as Read Now which teaches your child to read by using an effective Montessori method, Learn 2 Count, and Geography Bee. All of our educational videos were created by certified teachers with no less than 20 years of experience.

I hope you will give us a try by using our website or by downloading our app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about Gimbl.

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