The Gimbl App kid safe entertainment your child will love.

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Your child can enjoy Gimbl anytime, anywhere by downloading our official app. The Gimbl app is available for Apple phones and tablets on the Apple App Store, and it is also available for Android tablets and phones in the Google Play Store.

To find our app simply go to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and in the search box type in Gimbl. Best of all, since all videos on Gimbl are guaranteed appropriate for all children you can feel good that you are giving your child something that will love without any fear of them stumbling on something that they should not view.

Remember, the Gimbl app is free. Many apps are free to download, but quickly require you to pay for their key features. These are called 'in-app purchases'. Gimbl does NOT have any 'in-app purchases'...Gimbl is truly completely free.

One last thing, if you and your child like Gimbl please take a moment to rate our app in the app store. Also feel free to contact us at any time and follow us on our facebook page as we update it with each new, exciting feature that we put into the Gimbl app. Thank you!

Download now, it's FREE!