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Captain Cold makes a Freezing Entrance

3 years ago

Captain Cold teams up with Scarecrow to make an ice canon. Batman the Green Lantern and the Paw Patrol pups will try and stop them!

Lasi dblx Car Brushless Slush and Snow Bashing

2 years ago

The amazing Losi DBXL brushless go thought the snow and get a slush bash . Terms of Use: This video is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. Its attributed to RC World - Planes, Boats, Cars, Tanks and More ( All rights reserved:RC World - Planes, Boats, Cars, Tanks and More Video being licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Licensed Material is licensed under Public License. Original Titles:Losi DBXL Flux - Brushless slush and snow bashing with 15 kW (20 hp) - RC World Video Sources:

Polar Bear Swims at MaryLand Zoo

2 years ago

Check out this big polar bear named Anoki, taking a nice swim around her cool habitat. It sure looks like our polar bear friend is having a good time! Let's watch and see what happens! Terms of Use: This video is published with permission. It is attributed to The Maryland Zoo ( All rights reserved: The Maryland Zoo. Original Title: [Polar Bear Swim (Anoki)] Video Source: (