Mega Minimals Paper Planes



In this episode, Eric encourages his friends to make paper airplanes. They each get to work making their respective planes and finish them. However, Bonnie isn’t very good at doing it. She doesn’t know where to make the folds, becomes very agitated and finally gives up. On seeing her looking sad, Larry decides to help her and suggests they make one great big aeroplane between them all. Decision made, they take a big piece of card and start making folds in different places. Unfortunately, Bonnie is not very dextrous, is even less patient and ends up making the folds badly and too quickly. She finally gets so worked up that to the surprise of her friends the card finishes all crumpled up. Larry suggests making another plane from another piece of card, but this time, instead of making the folds, Bonnie decorates it in many different colours. The plane looks great and through using their imagination, together they travel to the African grasslands There, Eric’s uncle Jambo, tries to help them take flight by blowing the plane with his trunk. However, after several attempts the plane still doesn’t fly very well – it goes off course and only manages to get a few feet. Bonnie, who’s carefully watching all of this, suggests they make a few adjustments to the plane, such as folding the tips of the wings up and making some small holes in the tail so the wind doesn’t stop it moving forwards. Thanks to Bonnie’s suggestions, the plane is able to fly high in the sky and together they fly over the grasslands, then over glaciers and volcanoes. When they come back to reality, the Megas tell their parents about the great journey they have been on thanks to the greatest aeroplane designer in the world - Bonnie.




boys, girls


3 - 10


2 years ago
Mega Minimals