Mega Minimals Have You Seen My Nose



On this episode the Megaminimals make a cake. Larry is mixing the ingredients, Pickle is preparing the fruit, Eric uses his trunk to whip cream, Cassie is adding the flour and Bonnie, well Bonnie gives out orders to her friends! Once the cake is made they get ready to eat it, but then everybody realizes that Cassieäó»s nose is missing!! Cassie is very sad, because without a nose she wonäó»t be able to smell the flowers nor the delicious sardine cakes her mother makes. The Megas look all over the classroom for the nose but they canäó»t find it anywhere, so they decide to replace it with a new one. First, Larry puts a ripe tomato where her nose should be, but Cassie doesnäó»t like that at all äóñ she says she looks like a circus clown. Eric uses a long stick of celery, because he says trunks are much better than noses, but Cassie isnäó»t used to trunks and she keeps on treading on it when she walks. Then Pickle uses a butterfly. Cassie likes the way it looks but the butterfly wonäó»t stop flapping its wings which tickles Cassie and she canäó»t stop laughing. Finally, the Megas find the nose in the most unexpected of places.




boys, girls


3 - 10


2 years ago
Mega Minimals