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These DIY Sock Bunnies are so cute! They're also super easy to make using stuff you have around your house! I'd use a new sock though, or else your bunny will be stinky. Haha. 😂 Sorry for the late video. My mommy had to upgrade her computer and it took FOREVER. I'm back though! Anyway, make these cute no sew plushies and give the cute stuffed bunnies to your friends! Ollie is a 5 year old girl who loves all things DIY. She teaches crafts for kids of all ages, easy recipes for kids to make, and everything in between. She grew up watching Alton Brown on Good Eats and was inspired to teach other kids like how he teaches adults. She hopes that with her videos, kids will watch less TV, play less games, and use their imagination to create cool crafts, gifts, and treats. Ollie likes to create crafts that are easy for kids, but interesting and awesome enough for all ages, even adults! If you want to see Ollie make more DIY tutorials, please subscribe, like, and comment to tell her what types of crafts you'd like to see! Credits: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Terms of Use: This video is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. Its attributed to (DIY with Ollie). Video being licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Licensed Material is licensed under Public License. Original Title: - DIY No Sew Sock Bunnies | No Sew Bunny Plush Tutorial | DIY No Sew Plush Animals Video Sources :


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