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Hey, pals! Today we have a series of nesting dolls featuring my favorite TV family, The Simpsons. I have been watching The Simpsons as far as when they were shorts on The Tracy Ullman Show, and I remember watching my very first full episode when I was a wee little twerp on FOX! I even watched a short on the VHS tape for the hit 80’s flick, Working Girl!! I am an old fart! The nesting dolls are in trouble! Nelson Muntz wants one for himself! Who will save the day? Homer? Bart? Apu? We also have a cameo by the infamous, Sideshow Bob, and a pesky rake that has no business being there! We open up a bunch of toy surprises that include Wikeez, Disney Tsum Tsum figural keyring, color pop and series 4 tsums, and more! Terms of Use: This video is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. Its attributed to Tubey Toys Toy Review Channel. Video being licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Licensed Material is licensed under Public License. Original Title: The Simpsons Nesting Dolls | Toy Surprises | Stop Motion Fun! Tubey Toys Video Sources :


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